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    A divider rail is a no-cost option. It is a stationary horizontal rail in your plantation shutters. It allows the bottom and top louvers to operate independently. This is nice if you want the bottom louvers to be closed for privacy, but the top louvers to be open for light. We can place a divider rail at most any height within the plantation shutters. It is sometimes good to try and line up a divider rail with other divisions already within the window.

    Divider rails also provide additional structural strength. A divider rail is usually required for very tall at plantation shutters, usually 72 inches high or higher.

    Measuring Note: When measuring for divider rails, measure from the bottom of the shutters to the middle of where you want the divider rail (see illustration). Due to the way plantation shutters are constructed, actual divider rail position may vary a little from what you specify. Also, some panels may have an odd number of louvers. If your panels have an odd number of louvers and you request a divider rail to be in the middle of your shutters, you will need to have an extra louver either above or below the divider rail. Therefore, if you are ordering on-line and specify your divider rails to be in the middle of your window, you will also want to specify where you would like the extra louver (above or below the divider rail) in case it is required.

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    Frame Sides are not applicable to an Inside Mount - Direct Mount since this mounting method does not have frames. However, for all other mounting methods, you can choose the sides of the window that you want to have frames. You can have different windows with different frame sides. For example, if you have a window with a protruding window sill, you may choose frame sides of "Three". If a window in the next room does not have a protruding window sill, you may choose frame sides of "Four".

    Installation prices include re-measurements and any additional hardware required. This option required the local delivery method.

    $ 80 installation.
    Prices are subject to change according to the city and depending on the difficulties of the place.
    ordering in Miami or Broward 1 to 3 blinds = $ 80
    ordering in Miami or Broward 4 to 8 blinds = $ 50
    ordering in Miami or Broward 9 and more = $ 25

    Please select the room where you will install the curtain, blinds or shutter.

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