Roller Shades (Light Filtering / Opaque Fabrics)


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    In this option, please choose if you would like your control(s) on the right hand side or the left hand side. We recommend choosing the side which is easiest to reach.

    A Round Cover Cassette adds a very elegant look to your New Roller Shades. This Valance is made of Aluminum and is meant to cover the Roller Shades,control and tube with 3" or 4" depending the size of the Roller Shades.We will match the fabric inserted in this cover with the color you select in your order. Here is a picture of the Cover on a Wood Look Roller Shade, Color Chocolate...

    A 4" Square Cover is meant to hide the Roller Shades Controls and Tube while also preventing light gaps coming in from the top of the window. This Cover gives your shades a very distinct and clean look. Here is a picture of the Cover on a Blackout Vinyl Shade , Color White...

    Installation prices include re-measurements and any additional hardware required. This option required the local delivery method.

    $ 80 installation.
    Prices are subject to change according to the city and depending on the difficulties of the place.
    ordering in Miami or Broward 1 to 3 blinds = $ 80
    ordering in Miami or Broward 4 to 8 blinds = $ 50
    ordering in Miami or Broward 9 and more = $ 25

    Two Aluminum Side Channels: Side channels cover and close the gap between the blinds and the wall; thus allowing almost no light to pass through. Please select the height of the window on the drop-down menu and we will make the deductions.
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