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    Installation prices include re-measurements and any additional hardware required. This option required the local delivery method.

    $ 499 installation.
    Prices are subject to change according to the difficulties of the place.
    Only in Miami or Broward 

    In this option, please choose if you would like your motor(s) on the right hand side or the left hand side. We recommend choosing the side which is easiest to reach.

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    Motorization allows for an effortless way to raise and lower the shades. The radiofrequency system allows shades to be operated up to 30' away. Hand held remote control NOT included. The battery wand measures 17" and comes with 8 lithium batteries. The wand can be mounted to the back of the headrail or to the wall near the shade. Hand held 6 channel remote control (Good Housekeeping has a 6 channel) is included (off white color). 1 remote control can operate up to 6 shades (6 for Good Housekeeping) or groups of shades individually. Changing the atmosphere of your room never was so easy. Our motorization system eliminates the need for manual operation of shades and blinds, chains and cords are avoided, giving you a safer and more comfortable way to control your shades or blinds using wired or infrared technology.
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